by Sarah Kivi

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Review by Shannon Turner:
"Sarah Kivi releases her new single ‘Far’, a song several years in the making. As with so much of Kivi’s creative process, ‘Far’ excavates its meaning from a deeply personal place. Kivi is short for Kivijärvi, which means ‘stone lake’, and the track’s lyrical references to water and stone serve as an analogy to the Finnish-Iranian producer’s flow through an ongoing process of self-discovery.

Originally a song about longing and romantic desire, over the course of time and many rewrites — like water reshaping stone — the track’s lyrics originally phrased as “Don’t let me go” evolved to reflect the desire to let go of a tormented relationship that no longer serves the woman she’s become. Taking responsibility for her own current, she invites her listeners into an intimate place of beholding and release of the past.

While its lyrical waters run deep, ‘Far’ is a soaring and powerful track with instant pop appeal. The song builds up a mesmerizing synth atmosphere, combined with 90s-influenced breaks and Kivi’s signature sultry vocals. Kivi’s willingness to be vulnerable, to experiment and reinvent until she gets it right, are part of what defines her as an artist and you can see it exemplified in this new track. Worth the wait, ‘Far’ is sure to flow into your ears and hypnotise you."

Shannon Turner, www.wordsandrituals.com/about


Fresh wounds meet me at the alley
My tears like rain water the loam
The trees and flowers won't grow
Between cold stones I lose hope
One day the river will flow
And I will leave my heavy soles
Barefoot walk to my home
When you will let me go

We've gone too far
I've gone too far
You've gone too far
We've gone too far

I've gone through a burning fire
To bring back a smile
Feel I lost the courage to move on
Wanted so bad to make things right
Feel I was the inferior one
In survivor mode
Fight or flight

We've gone too far
I've gone too far
You've gone too far
We've gone too far


released May 4, 2021
Production & Performance: Sarah Kivi
Mixing & Recording: Risto Pikkarainen
Mastering: Gabriel Markus
Photo: Rebecca H. Gomez


all rights reserved



Sarah Kivi

Singer/Songwriter/Producer and a passionate performer
and advocate for Peace and Pinball.

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